specialty cakes and birthday cakes

Flavors and Ordering Information

It's easy to order custom birthday cakes from our bakery: 

Choose your cake - Chocolate, Vanilla, Carrot, Pound or Sweet Potato (Mango - seasonal only)

Choose your filling - 

Choose your icing - Buttercream - vanilla, chocolate, raspberry, coconut or caramel, chocolate fudge

Choose your size -  Specialty cake servings are as follows:

18 x 13" - 1/2 sheet........45 to 55 servings  

13 x 9" - 1/4 sheet.........20 to 25 servings  

14" round...............45 to 55 servings  

12" round................25 to 35 servings  

10" round................14 to 20 servings  

8" round .................10 to 14 servings  

6" round.................6 to 8 servings 

Plan Ahead

Because everything is handcrafted from scratch and custom designed, we ask that you place your order for your cake at least one week in advance for single-tier cakes and at least two weeks in advance for multiple-tier and other custom cakes. Feel free to ask if you are outside of that time frame because we will certainly help you if we can. (Rush and late fees may apply.)  

Call 610.644.1868 to place your order. 

Specialty Cakes

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Decadence: chocolate cake, flourless chocolate cake, ganache, chocolate mousse and chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Kahlua Cake: chocolate cake with a Kahlua syrup, chocolate fudge frosting, ganache

Chocolate Mousse Cake: chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate buttercream

Chocolate Velvet Cake: chocolate cake, cream cheese frosting, vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Wow: chocolate cake soaked in homemade hot fudge syrup, white chocolate cappuccino buttercream, chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge frosting, dark chocolate ganache

Memories with Mom: chocolate cake brushed with our homemade hot fudge syrup, filled and finished with chocolate “JP” frosting (a favorite of Chef Kim's son, Jordan, and her Dad, also called PopPop, who are the “J” & “P”)

Vanilla Cake

Italian Rum Cake: vanilla cake with rum syrup, chocolate and vanilla pastry cream and vanilla buttercream

Raspberry ‘N Cream: vanilla cake, raspberry marmalade, vanilla cheesecake and vanilla buttercream

Vanilla Framboise: vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, raspberry marmalade and raspberry buttercream

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake: carrot cake with walnuts and currants and cream cheese frosting

Pound Cake

Caramel Symphony: marble pound cake with Kahlua syrup and caramel buttercream

Coconut Cake: coconut cake with coconut syrup and coconut buttercream

Duet: chocolate chip pound cake, white and dark chocolate ganache, and white chocolate buttercream

Eclipse: white chocolate pound cake, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate and vanilla buttercream

Lemonberry: lemon blueberry pound cake, lemon curd, white chocolate buttercream

Lemon Delight: lemon pound cake, lemon curd and lemon buttercream

Spring Delight: vanilla pound cake, lemon curd, raspberry marmalade and vanilla buttercream

Strawberry Creamsicle: white chocolate pound cake, strawberry buttercream, strawberry marmalade, white chocolate buttercream

You Sunk My Chocolate Chip: chocolate chip pound cake, chocolate buttercream, vanilla buttercream


Ramango: mango cake, fresh raspberries and mango, mango and raspberry buttercream

Strawberry Tallcake: vanilla cake, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and vanilla buttercream

Mangoberry: mango cake, raspberry buttercream, mango buttercream
Pumpkin Orange: pumpkin orange cake and orange cinnamon cream cheese

Sweet Potato Signature Collection

Sweet Jazmines Cake: our signature dessert — Sweet Potato Cake with our cinnamon triple sec glaze, sweet potato cheesecake, cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Cinnfully Southern Cake: Sweet Potato Cake, cinnamon cream cheese and caramel buttercream

The Sequel Cake: Sweet Potato Cake brushed with cinnamon triple sec glaze, caramel and vanilla

buttercream, sweet potato cheesecake and cinnamon cream cheese frosting