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The Sweet Jazmines Sweet Potato Story

The Signature Sweet Potato Muffin was born when Chef Kim's young son, Jordan, refused to eat the sweet potato puree she made for him. She vowed she would never waste sweet potato puree again. Inspired by the already successful Sweet Potato Pie and Cheesecake, she set out to make a muffin that was worthy of the Sweet Jazmines name. After lots of experimentation, the Sweet Potato Muffin with triple sec glaze was officially introduced to customers. Over the years, the recipe spawned the entire Sweet Potato Signature Collection that includes three different cakes, a cheesecake, a miniature, a pie, and of course, the muffin that launched it all, the Sweet Potato Muffin.

What about the finicky eater who started the whole thing? Ironically, Jordan LOVES Sweet Potato Muffins, which are also a customer favorite at Sweet Jazmines.

Enjoy the Sweet Jazmines Sweet Potato Collection

All of the items in the Sweet Potato Collection are listed in the box at the right. Want to know how much to order? Use this as a guide. Or, give us a call at 610.644.1868 or stop by the bakery in Berwyn, PA. We're happy to help. 

18 x 13" - 1/2 sheet........45 to 55 servings 

13 x 9" - 1/4 sheet.........20 to 25 servings  

14" round...............45 to 55 servings  

12" round................25 to 35 servings  

10" round................14 to 20 servings  

8" round .................10 to 14 servings  

6" round.................6 to 8 servings 

Our Exclusive Sweet Potato Signature Collection

Sweet Jazmines Cake: our signature dessert — Sweet Potato Cake with our cinnamon triple sec glaze, sweet potato cheesecake, cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Cinnfully Southern Cake: Sweet Potato Cake, cinnamon cream cheese and caramel buttercream

The Sequel Cake: Sweet Potato Cake brushed with cinnamon triple sec glaze, caramel and vanilla

buttercream, sweet potato cheesecake and cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Sweet Potato Muffin: with a triple sec cinnamon glaze; our signature creation

Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Muffin

Sweet Potato Pie: baked sweet potatoes, cinnamon, cream, other delicious ingredients

Sweet Cakes Cupcakes: Sweet Potato Cake, cream cheese frosting and caramel rose buttercream.