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Planning Your Perfect Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake should be as delicious as it is beautiful. And, it should reflect your tastes for design and flavor. We absolutely love handcrafting the perfect wedding cake just for you. 

Wedding Cake Take-Home Tasting Plate

The first step in ordering a wedding cake is to call us at 610.644.1869 to schedule a reservation of a take-home tasting plate. The five standard flavors on a tasting plate are: Chocolate Mousse, Cinfully Southern, Lemon Delight, Caramel Symphony, and Vanilla Framboise. The Take-Home Tasting Plate is designed to allow you and your significant other to enjoy and discuss your preferences for cake flavor(s) at your convenience in the comfort of your home. 

Wedding Cake Pricing 

The price of a wedding cake depends on the flavor and design chosen, but our starting price is $4.25 per person for vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and basic buttercream decorations. The majority of our specialty cake flavors offered range from $5.50 to $5.75 per person.

Wedding Cake Consultation

After you've seen and tasted our cakes, reviewed our wedding cake prices, and decided that you want us to create your wedding cake, it's time to call us to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your wedding cake. You should plan your consultation as soon as possible and at least one month before your wedding. A $100 deposit is due at the time of the consultation. The deposit must be in cash or check, and it is non-refundable.

Planning Your Wedding Cake

Remember, this is your wedding, and it is the one time you can make it all about you, and people will understand. There is no right or wrong answer in choosing your wedding cake flavor and design. Everyone's choice is different, based on budget, taste, personal style, and wedding style. We will help guide you to a delicious, beautiful, memorable wedding cake, but ultimately, the final decision is yours. In fact, you can even choose a different cake flavor for each tier of your cake. We recommend no more than three flavors. 

Many people get confused about a tier and a layer. The tiers are the sections piled on top of one another (or sometimes balanced on columns), that you can see and count. Hidden under the buttercream, however, each of those tiers can be made of two layers of cake, with filling in between them. You won't see the layers until the cake is cut.

We recommend getting enough wedding cake to feed all of your guests. If you are having a buffet-style dessert table with other treats, you might opt for a slightly smaller cake than recommended for your number of guests. The main thing to remember is that no one skips dessert at a wedding, and you don't want to run out of wedding cake. 

You might opt for a service cake. It is the same flavor and number of layers as your wedding cake, however, it is not meant to be seen by the guests. It is taken directly to the kitchen, while the real wedding cake is placed on display. This allows your caterer to plate some of the cake before the real wedding cake is even cut, and in some cases, it can lower the price of the wedding cake.

Buttercream Facts

Sweet Jazmines uses a real vanilla buttercream, created with 100% butter. There is no shortening or animal fat in our buttercream. Buttercream is richer than a frosting, but not as sweet. The easiest way to tell the difference between frosting and buttercream is that frosting gets harder, even crunchy, when left out at room temperature, while buttercream gets softer.

Your Wedding Cake Design

We can replicate most wedding cakes with the understanding that there may be some very subtle differences. We absolutely must see a fairly good-sized photograph of the wedding cake in question before we can commit to recreating any particular cake.

For most wedding cakes that are decorated with fresh flowers, the florist does the placing of the flowers once the wedding cake has arrived at the venue. However, Sweet Jazmines will be certain to coordinate the time of your wedding cake's arrival if we are delivering, to ensure that your florist has time to do their magic.

Wedding Cake Delivery

We will deliver your wedding cake 1-2 hours prior to the wedding. If a florist is placing fresh flowers on the wedding cake, we will coordinate with the florist to see what time s/he needs us to have the cake there. There is a charge for wedding cake delivery, which depends on distance. If you are out of our normal delivery area, you will have to make your own arrangements to pick up your wedding cake.

By necessity, wedding cakes need to be refrigerated in order to arrive safely at your event, but we recommend that your cake be brought back to room temperature before serving in order to enjoy the full palette of our all-natural flavors as they were meant to be enjoyed.  

Want to see more wedding cakes? Stop by our bakery in Berwyn, PA. We're happy to help you plan your special day. 

So Many Choices

Start with your favorite flavor(s). Can't decide on your flavor? Choose a different flavor for each tier.